MobileVDR is a small tool that allows you to stream Live-TV from your VDR System to the Internet Tablet.

The first public version 0.0.8 only allows streaming, later versions will support displaying the TV-Schedule, creating and modifying timers, replaying of recordings and the ability to remote control your VDR System.

The user interface is not very nice at the moment, maybe someone with some experience in designing user interfaces wants to join the MobileVDR Project on garage to help improving MobileVDR.


MobileVDR 0.0.8


Just open the Install File, thats it. ;-)
If you are using ITOS2006 and can not use .install-files diretly, you might want to add the following catalogue to your application manager:

Distribution: bora
Components: user

It should work on ITOS2006 too, as long as you have python2.5 and mplayer installed, but it was not tested, because i do not own a 770.

You can also download the deb-files directly from garage.


Your VDR System needs the a correctly configured streamdev-server plugin with a script for remuxing the stream on-the-fly, like this one.

There might be other solutions for streaming the Live-TV from your VDR host to the table, you can configure the command which will be used by MobileVDR to connect to your VDR host under the settings menu.

Bugreports / Feature requests / Contributions:

Please report bugs and feature requests directly on the garage project page, so i can track them in an easy way.